No Splicers?

After watching all the trailers im noticing a distinct lack of splicers,does anyone know whether the whole splicing/plasmid addicts thing is now a Bioshock/2 thing of the past?,i sincerely hope not cos if there`s one defining thing i loved about Bioshock it was that atmosphere of being submerged never knowing whether a crazy mangle faced splicer was about to rush you from the ceiling or anywhere.I know about the heavy hitters & other enemies but none of them are yet giving me the scares feeling!


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Well since we won't be using plasmids, I very much doubt that we will see splicers.  I could be wrong though.

Bummer!,I`ll see you on Aliens marines then ;-)

I'm pretty sure there are plasmids (?)

Plasmids are renamed as Vigors in Bioshock Infinite.

Hey don't be disapointed. From what I heard/seen, it still feels/looks like a Bioshock game...just in the sky of course. I will however miss Rapture, but just give this a chance. They've been working really hard on it & i'm sure it'll be epic regardless it feels like Bioshock or not.

I agree with you blood now,after reading more articles/previews it does still look like they`re holding onto the Bioshock uniqueness but in the SKY,definitely gonna get now, my anticipation knows no bounds!!!