No Sound?

Hey Guys,

the last Time I played Fable 3 the Sound was gone. I can´t hear Villagers speak and the Music is very quiet. Is there any Way to fix this or do I need to start a new Game? Please Help.



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Did you download the latest free 800something MB DLC featuring the soldier uniform and the content for the coop play of another DLC?

I did, and that screwed up my english language DLC... nobody speaking anymore, not even in cutscenes.

So, I did what anyone would do, I deleted that DLC... but of course since we're talking about the most bugged franchise ever, it couldn't be that easy... in fact as soon as I deleted it, the english language and voices were restored, yet 2 characters of the 3 I have couldn't be accessed anymore, since i was missing data from a DLC in order ti play them...

What DLC? But of course the one I just deleted and the fun thing is those two charas were created LONG before that DLC was even released!!

So I had to download it again, getting the language screwed up once more.

The characters were restored but now I'm stuck playing without english original voices, and with all those annoying spheres indicating other players floating around the whole game, hearing their voices/sound even in the Sanctuary.

But hey, I got a free soldier uniform.

Thanx again Lionhead.

I'm having the same problem.  Just bought the game today.  On my second play session this afternoon, the sound quit working.  Is it a bad disc?

I only, have the DLCs that came with the special Edition. Didn´t download any other... On the first playthrough (which I had to play in German) there were no Problems at all. Then I installed the English Language DLC and half Way through the Game the Voiceover just stopped working... in english AND german. So I don´t think it´s really the Disc...

But I´ll try deleting and downloading it again.

Thank´s guys.

Hey StrayAngel79,

I deleted all DLCs and downloaded them again like you told me and it worked!

Thank you so much for putting the fun back in Fable!

LanceHawvermale, you should try it out as well.