No soul gem large enough?

I have gotten this message after killing enemies of various sizes/strength(Certain frostbite spiders, bandits & bandit bosses, etc); then i check my items and I have at least one empty SG of each size.  Anyone know why this occurs?


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if your using an enchanted weapon, you maybe are just hitting them one too many times after they die.  you will get that message when over_hitting enemies.

Thanks, I didn't know that.... At times it's hard to know whether or not the blow will kill them or will it take one more.

yep i always give em' a extra few more pokes to just make sure.

Haha me happens to me a lot.  And I use two I'm often overkilling my enemies.  

would it matter is the capture is set for longer than a second? My bow is set at 3 seconds so I don't overkill anything, but I wondered.

1 second works if it's an "instant" kill, 3-5 second window works best for other cases.  stocking up on black soul gems or having the black star will be handy if you're after human targets.