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Does anyone play this game online or do the servers just suck? It clearly says there are over 30 1v1 matches going on but I always get No sessions were found.

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I wonder the same thing i know this game has to have a good amount of players online but so many times i search for a  game and get the no session found message even when like you said it shows players ... I don't get it it should not be that hard to find a game online i know players are active

if u guys are down to play we should do private matches if that possible i love playing online but have only played like 3 times

90% of players online are only going to play people they know, because of the constant cheating and spamming which makes the game no fun, Especially 1v1 matches. most matches that youll find available are 3 way and fatal four way matches.. which most of the time turn into you vs 3 guys on the same side.