No Server Browser in BF3?

I don't know if this has been confirmed or not but I do know the console community have been requesting a server browser. I wonder though if it has been ruled out as I hear some interesting things about the PC version. Some of you may know we will have Battlelog which looks like a cool web based feature of checking out stats uploading in real-time and tracking friends and enemies across multiple platforms. However Battlelog to my knowledge will not be accessed in game and on the PC you are required to have it open in a browser window while running BF3. The rumours floating about at the moment are that the actual PC server browser is not going to be in game it is actually found via the web browser while logged into Battlelog. Taking a browser out from within the game on one platform may not good for a in-game browser on consoles?


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I dont think i mind either way,i dont mind the matchmaking system as i can always just find another dont bother me too much.

I don't see where you're going with this.

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What are you trying to say?


I sort of agree with with Panda. That is a benefit of matchmaking but the server but may not be in your area. But the thing is, EA won't allow someone to host/rent a dedicated server on the consoles. They are going to host the servers to prevent cheating.

Fat N1nja Panda, consider your opinion... endangered.

I hope there is no server browser, I like matchmaking systems, Nothing is more annoying that trying to join a game that says 22/24 players only to find the game is full or having to join a game with only 2/24 players and having to wait 10 minutes for the game to fill up.  Leave server browsing to the PCs

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I really don't care which.



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I was told by one of my clan members that there is going to be a server browser, don't remember exactly where he said he saw the info but I'm hoping it's correct. You could probably ask the EA support and maybe one of them might give us the answer.

I really don't care which.

I have no idea why they took this feature out. If BF2 MC can do it on the xbox I would think it would be possible on the 360. Actually I wouldn't even care that much if it would just show me my ping to the server. It sucks that the only way to find out if I am on a Pacific server is to see how hard it is to kill someone and how easy it is for them to kill me.

Yes I wish they would bring it back.  I never understood why they started taking it out in the Bad Company series.   Now we have to play on more overseas servers.  I like most of us want the choice.