No rent or Purchase option?

So, there is a sale listed right on the Xbox Video Marketplace screen in Xbox Live for "DC Universe: HD Under $10." The first movie listed in that section is "Necessary Evil: The Super-Villans of DC Comics (Xbox Exclusive)" However, there is no option to Buy or Rent the movie when I select it. I'd like to buy it in HD for under $10 as marketplace heading suggests, but it seems I cannot do so.

I also tried to find and purchase the movie (a documentray) through the xbox website, but I can't even find it on here (and the xbox support person I chatted with can't find it either). Went through and deleted items (as instructed by support) from the xbox system folder, cleared the cache, and I still have the same problem.

Considering the movie makes up the image for the sale ad and is the first thing listed, I would think people should be able to buy it.

Is this just me? Or can someone else confirm that the movie appears in Live's video marketplace, and let me know if you have the option to buy or rent it? If you wouldn't mind.

Or Perhaps it doesn't exist at all and I have some super rare side-effect of an undiagnosed brain tumor that makes me see sale items for movies that aren't real. And it will get worse as we approach Black Friday and I will see sale items everywhere, but all I will be able to do is curl up in a ball and cry because the tissues I need aren't really on sale.

Granted, that probably isn't going to happen, but I sure would like to know so I can see a doctor or something. Don't want to spend my life looking for imagined sale items, you know?





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