No reboots?

There are a few games that i would want rebooted for the XBOX 720.

Fatal Labyrinth,not a great game,but had great ideas,that makes it a worthy game for a reboot,and the reboot could be awesome, if they used the same ideas,with some better gameplay.

Eternal Champions Challenge from the Darkside.

Zombies ate my Neighbors

Hexen 1 & 2

Streets of Rage

Road Rash


Various light gun games



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More new IP's

and Watch Dogs 2

rather have sequels of games that deserve them or full remakes of the good games from last gen. I also want those remakes to be the same just better graphics, maybe throw in added but optional functionality.  i mean if we get  a conquers bad fur day remake and they throw in some mini games and add online then that is fine, what I don't want is the single player removed in any way.

[quote user="ProvidedSet91"]Fatal Labyrinth,not a great game[/quote]How dare you! That game is great.


You should go to and play these games instead of hoping someone remakes them. If they got remade they'd be ruined to cater to the crowd who can't handle a challenge.

Do you mean reboot (like Fallout 3) or remake (as in Tony Hawk PS: HD)?  You've been wanting a new Eternal Champions and Light Gun game forever (lol), good-luck with those.


Anyone remember Wizardry?  I miss RPGs that really made you think; Skyrim was too easy on the brain and I think its because we tend to want huge open-worlds where we just run around killing and gobbling up loot.  Witcher was close to what I'm thinking of, but with less machismo and more... I don't know, cerebral[?](might be the wrong word I'm looking for here.....)

I'd like a dying genre to make a  return.


Maybe  Broken Sword.