no random map selection.??

hi i recently started playing battlefield 3, Ive been playing team deathmatch get into a game and battle it out first to 100 kills then whoever stays in the lobby goes to the next game and it randomly picks another map, no probs, now i downloaded the updates and back to karkand pack and now if i play team deathmatch all i get is noshahar canals and its nearly always a game that runs from 300 to 500 kills..? and then stays on that map to play it again it doesnt randomly pick a new level.? im pretty sick of playing that said level so can anyone please help or do i just uninstall the downloaded content and go back to the way i started playing.??

cheers Pw3bz


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Back to cod please with the other kiddies

^ pretty typical response.

But OP the map rotation is set by the admin. Try looking for the official DICE servers.

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Back to cod please with the other kiddies

[/quote]....race ya

you can search for EA servers use "P24"