No Progress in Challenges

I'm currently working towards the Long Distance Driver challenge, but for some reason my progress has stuck at 69% for the last two days. I also noticed that the Nice to Know You Dominique Challenge is also showing no progress despite having completed more than 30 rounds with her over the last day.

I've tried a hard reboot, reinstalling the game and deleting my local save file but that has not fixed the problem. My only other option is to delete the cloud save also but I really don't want to lose my career progress.

Any one else having problems with the current challenges?


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I'm having the same problem with the challenges in this game.  I missed the play 20 rounds with Kiara challenge because my progress stuck at 25%, the Longer Distance Driver challenge is stuck at 29%, and the Dominique challenge is stuck at 0%.

I've deleted the local save, cleared the cache, reinstalled the game, and even restored my system to its factory defaults which means I had to spend hours reinstalling all my games.  Contacted two different reps with MS Customer support and both of them had me clear the MAC address on my console.  None of these steps have fixed anything.

Hi Stewie, it sounds like this is not going to be easy to resolve. Between us we have covered just about everything we can do at our end. I doubt this will be a high priority for the developers to fix unless it affects most people that play.

I think it is profile related, as my wife is having no problem with the challenges on the same console. I tried deleting and restoring my profile but that still did not fix the problem.

Oh well, lets hope someone else has a bright idea, or the problem gets fixed in the meantime.

Progress has just started tracking for me again. Must have been some server issue that has been fixed as I have done nothing to my console since the last post.

Time to wrap up these challenges before it glitches again.

Progress has started tracking for me again also.  Unfortunately, I can't do anything about the Kiara challenge I missed while this problem was going on, and I'm down to six days to complete the Longer driver challenge.  Hopefully challenges get brought back periodically to give people who missed them a chance to get them.  I appreciate that challenges are time limited, but an issue out of my control that prevents me from getting them is really annoying.  If this game was like Dead Rising 3 and actually gave you something in game for completing the challenges I would be really upset.

My thanks to whoever fixed the problem though.