no patch til they sort mw2 out

this is official....In a recent podcast interview published in the recent XBL magazine, Robert Bowling (IW's creative strategist) said there will be patches for both games, but they will be released after MW3 ships in November.

"So much work is going into making sure Modern Warfare 3, out of the gate, doesn't have those problems. That is a major focus. An then then next focus is MW2, followed by COD4. So there's definately stuff in the works."

so lets all forget about a patch for cod 4 it just isnt going to happen.


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They are hoping we'll buy MW3 now and forget COD4 exists anymore.

COD4 is the best one so far but they really do need to continue patching and fixing old games unlike fifa who just close the server down after 2 years.

Actually didn't they already sort MW2 out or did they already by pass that one as well ??

i havent been on mw2 for months..whats wrong with it?..there must be something if they are on about a patch for it.

do you need an online pass for fifa?

Y does any1 believe what 402 says?

after that i will only buy mw3 2nd hand now..that means iw wont be making any money out of me..imagine if everyone did that..and no doubt after a week on mw3 i will be back to cod4 and waw as i have since mw2.