No party options?

Anyone know if in the full game for multiplayer you will be able to form up a party before searching for a game? As in the demo you have to join a game (or create one) and then invite your friend(s).


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im pretty sure you already can.  Me and two buddies were able to play in lobbies together on friday.

Exactly as rygar21 said - you already can.


Just party up and then 'the leader' hits Quick Match and you both/all enter a game lobby.

Hmm... for the life of me I can't figure out how you party up. I can press X to view my LIVE party but I can't invite unless im in a game.

it does this automatically. If your the party host, and you search for a game, and there enough slots for the rest of your party members, it will bring them along with you to the lobby. This has happened a couple times before I knew what it was doing.

It looks like the option for parties is locked for the demo but will be unlocked when the full game comes out..