No Party in MP Except Horde Mode

Game is worthless. Do not buy if you want to party with friends for deathmatch or rush modes. On horde mode allows you to invite and party up with friends. Other MP modes do not. One friend will have to try and join and others join on them except even this dies not work. During lobby is only time you can join on friend but the game does not appear to let you join during lobby. It will fail saying game is in a state that does not allow joins. But once in the game, after map has loaded, it will not allow you to join on friends. How does a company make a $30 Multiplayer game that you cannot play with friends. WORTHLESS. I have 360 version.

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The xbox one version has none of the problems you just explained.  The one thing I'll admit that they need to do is put a little arrow above any of your teammates head if they're also in your chat party.  It's pretty hard to stay together and work as a group with your buddies when there's so much going on and there's no mark on them at all.

Briq - How do you get your friends in Team Vanquish or Gardens and Graveyards? My friend and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get into the same game. When I select multiplayer I only have the option to select the game type -- Vanquish, Gs & Gs and the classic modes. I see no options for a Lobby where I could invite my friend, or any invite option at all.

This great multiplayer ONLY game cannot even be played with friends?? :(

My friend and I was trying to figure out but I think we got it to work,

- Be in a Party with your friend.

- Have him join a gametype on matchmaking.

- When you get a message saying your friend is in a game and you can join, join up in that same gametype.

Yea I dont understand. It seems like they were too lazy to create a pre game lobby so you can party up with your friends. They rely on the xbox one feature that automatically sends invites to your party. But guess what that does not work on 360. So one person has to be in the game and you have to try and join off of their name. What *** is that,and dont have like 4 or 5 people or you will be ***. It is 2014 so why is it so hard for EA to realize people actually want to be on the same team as their friends? Did they not learn from Battlefield? Oh wait that *** is still broken also.