No online...seriously...

Ok I can see where developers can say that an online feature would mess up single player. I also realize that it is to close to the game release for them to fix it. but my suggestion for VI is that they make a two or three disc game where one or two are for single while the other(s) are for the multi-player, where your single-player characters and your multi-player ones are separate. Bethesda, you say you don't want to ruin single-player with an online mmo feature, well then give people what they want while keeping what you want, give a separate online feature. One game I know did that and it was a beast game. Phantasy Star Universe. every one please let me know your opinion on this possibility please.

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No way, dude. I, along with many others want the focus to be on single player.

No. This game is singleplayer only.

no. while i think it might be somewhat entertaining to have a split-screen drop-in/drop-out co-op capability, it's not needed. the elder scrolls series has been a single player story driven experience, and i'm glad it's not changing to pander to the multiplayer crowd, though if they do change it up for their next fallout or elder scrolls game i hope they make it work to the best of their abilities and not have it interfere with the story.

NO,NO,NO. That's a nice way to ruin the game.

Doesn't need it to be a great game.......would ruin the spirit of the game

No, I don't want multiplayer in my TES.

This thread made me laugh. Why do people still think game developers have unlimited resources? They only have so much time, money, and energy to make a working finished product. It usually works better to have opposite extremes rather than a mix of both. Or at the very least, they shouldn't alter the driving force behind the whole series just to appeal to a few more people. Few more on a scale of thousands, sure, but still. Imagine a COD game 1/2 single player 1/2 multiplayer rather than its present focus: multiplayer with a light single player. And in that case, who'd you honestly want a poorly made multiplayer for a single player game?


Dead Space 2 for example?

Damn guys, you all are so close minded.

I can see what you guys are saying but geez guys. You guys were in full attack mode, like some wild dogs.

Me on the other hand. I wish there were more RPG multiplayer games. Borderlands was a perfect example of this. That game wouldn't be nearly as great as it was if it wasn't for the co-op.

I would like to play Skyrim with my buddy Rachel in some form of co-op. I mean, Oblivion has a co-op mod on the PC version and let me tell ya, it made the game even better than it already was. I like that experience in a lot of my games because I have a close friend to enjoy them with and we have fun.

Maybe if you guys had a really good close friend who has the same taste in games as you do, then you may change your mind about wanting to play co-op since it would be with that person. I for one, LOVE co-op games, I buy certain games simply because of the the fact that it has co-op, its another game me and my friend can play together.

I have a lot of friends that love RPGs. I have one friend that I actually coordinate with on what games to pick up and do co-op runs on. Those co-op runs have contained some of the best moments I've had playing games.


Me, nor any of my friends want any kind of multiplayer in TES.


Bethesda themselves don't want multiplayer in their games.


Just how it is. Want multiplayer? Go play something else.

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