No One Left Behind

Anyone out there willing to try and take this down with me?  The achievement is awarded for completing Ch.3 of Episode 2 with at least one marine left alive.  It's actually a lot harder than it sounds and near impossible to do solo.  I was almost able to reach the final part with the phantoms with one marine left but he died shortly before.  I imagine it shouldn't be a problem with a co-op partner, especially if there's 3 or 4 of us.

If anyone is interested I'm looking for now / the next hour or so.  If not I'll be online tomorrow evening.  Just send me a message on XBL.


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Has to be done on Heroic at least.

Nailed it! It was actually really easy using that little trick. Nice post, EDGE.

You can do it solo on Normal.  Its easy as hell.

Come on, now. I know I'm not the only one that needs this achievement. Episode Five comes out tomorrow. Come on, boys and girls. Let's get this done.

I am definatly trying to get this achievements done! I tried it with a 4 man squad and it was STILL hard. to do...We get them ALL to survive till the Wraiths get the last 10% of the mission all the marines DIE like ALLL AT ONCE. its so retarded lmfao...well Hit me up if u still wanna play dude.

I got this with 4 players when episode 2 was able to be played with randoms but what Edge said above works.  I helped my friend get it that way with just the two of us.

No problem, glad to hear it helped out.

I ended up getting it by myself.  If anyone is still having trouble I figured out a good strategy.  The marines cannot die until you rescue all three groups, so what I did was rescue the first group (the one to your right when you first start) and cleared house, hunter/ghost included.  From there, take the idle ghost and use it to "push" one of the marines back to the spawn where the ammo crates are.  If looking directly at them, the crate to the right has a gap between the back of it and the small rock behind it.  Simply push the marine into that area and trap him there with the ghost.  From here on out, just leave the ghost there so that it's blocking him in and complete the mission as normal; the enemies will ignore the marine completely, including the two phantoms.

Good luck!

Anybody else want to try for this achievement? It's the last one I have to get before Episode 5 comes out.