No one ever summons me. :(

I can sit here for like an hour and no one summons me.  I've even reboot my Xbox to try to get on a different server.    Been sitting in front of the Golem room for a while now too in Sen's Fortress.  *shrugs*


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LOL  Nevermind. Someone just summoned me......  Took long enough!

I've been trying, but still can't get someone to summon me either.  

I was waiting for someone to summon me and the exact opposite thing I wanted to happen.....happened, a damn black phantom invaded my game. ............crap.

That's why I usually stay hollowed to help people but turn human to summon them to help me. Rather not be invaded, to be honest.

I thought I would spend a wdile helping people with the gaping dragon last night and was summoned by a complete time wasting jerk. DeAthbRE3d summoned me from by thw shortcut ladder then proceeded to just farm the rats and slimes in the area expecting me to help with that. The idiot wasent that good at it either, he needed to use three estas flasks on the slimes. He then went AFK putting me right off my helpfull mood.

You can't call out, slander, or bring up any specific user names on the forums based on your experience online. Sorry, but it's the rules. That being said, that's a pretty lame thing to do. I would suggest putting your sign down next to a boss gate instead. Players just summoning me and expecting me to carry them through an area are not what I want to do, which is why I avoid it by putting my sign down near the boss. That way, they'll have to back track to a bonfire after already getting there. I rather face a boss with someone who can hold their own in some regard to at least make it there.

I apologise for he naming then, was just a bit hacked. put the sign down there so i could kill a few rats and slimes in the area while i waited. There are some very helpfull people around in this game as well. One that I summoned for the gaping dragon even sent me a message about cutting the tail off for the axe which i didnt know about. Others who have summoned me have also sent a message after to say thank you which is nice.

I killed the golem about 6 times last night.  I gotz dat *** down to science.  Almost too easy to make him fall right off the cliff and beat him within like 20 seconds.  LoL

I'm a bit disappointed with the summoning myself. I helped 3 people last night beat the Dragon Slayer and that fat guy in Anor Londo. God forbid I get anyone to help me minutes later when I decide to try it for myself. Not to mention, the majority of people leave their summoning signs near monsters I'd rather avoid fighting. Total BS! If you're in Anor Londo looking for a summon, put your sign somewhere near the stairs above the 2 iron golems, not at their feet.

BeerTime, did you know you can summon Knight Solaire as well to that fight? My main problem is getting to the fight unscathed, as I kill EVERYTHING in that castle hallway so that the NPC and random person I summon dont go after them since I need them at tip top shape for Smough and Ornstein. Ive beaten them SO many times as a phantom, but can I beat them in MY game? NOOOOOOOO. Im right there with you man.