No official 360 controller support?

I just noticed this game on the store and was just about to buy it, but first a quick Google search informs me that there's no official, built in 360 controller support?

I'm stunned.  I expected basic 360 controller support to be standard, it didn't even cross my mind that it wouldn't support it by default until I Googled the game.

Crazy!  A Microsoft game, for Microsoft hardware... a twin stick shooter, that doesn't support the 360 pad!


I'm not interested in installing Xpadder or anything else.  I'll give it a month or two and check back to see if support has been patched in.  I'd hope this would happen, but then, I'm amazed that this twin stick shooter didn't support their physical twin stick pad to begin with.


Surely it must've come up in a dev meeting?

Fingers crossed, I'd really like to play it on my Windows 8 HTPC, but no money from me until I can use a pad.

Have fun to everyone else who is enjoying the game though, with touch screen devices or mouse+keyboard.  Both not an option for me.


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Hmmm, that's interesting, I just read the following on


Can I use an Xbox 360 controller for Halo: Spartan Assault?

Yes, although use of the Xbox 360 controller is limited to the Windows 8 PC version of the game. This control method won't be available immediately at launch, however. Until 360 controller functionality is patched in a couple of weeks after launch, PC players will need to use a keyboard and mouse.


What a shame there's no demo so we can test the game with our hardware first.

Also, if and when 360 controller support is added, how will we know?

Hopefully it will be clearly displayed on the store page, because I won't be buying it until I'm sure... That said, once the game has full 360 pad support, I'll buy it immediately.

Looking forward to it.

So, what's the deal, how soon can we realistically expect this? I find twinstick shooters highly unplayable with mouse+keyboard. :/