No more ****? :(

Why did they take **** out of Objective games in halo 4?  Halo 2 and 3 had it, and it was the best objective game out there.  Are there any plans to bring it back to Halo 4?  Or are we stuck with current options?




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I would suggest you to post this in the Waypoint forums as well if you haven't already. Just to get your thought out there everywhere and if you have a Twitter account tweet them about your suggestion, just Waypoint to tweet.

A lot of people are very upset that certain game types (Assault and Race) for example didn't make it into the game even for custom options. That being said, it is possible for 343i to add game types with playlist updates/title updates, so it wouldn't be absurd to think that we might get these game types eventually. We'll just have to wait and see.

^ Exactly.  Those that have been playing Halo since Halo 2, know Halo changes EVERY single week sometimes daily. They will be constantly updating, improving, and changing everything about the game.  If a mode isnt there this week, it could be there next week.  I am also expecting a community playlist again.  That was a lot of fun seeing the community made maps.   Every week there would be 10 new maps added making a new and refreshing set of maps to play from each week. The most played were eventually added to all the other matchmaking playlists. 

I doubt very much that they'll add Assault back in. There have been some quite big changes to halo games in the past but adding in a gametype is a bit of a big leap so I don't think it'll happen.

^ It's not like they would have to go back to the drawing board or anything though, they could just alter Grifball settings a bit, just add the ability to have multiple balls and arming times. Then they could throw it in a playlist and call it Assault, only real difference would be no explosion, still the same concept though.

Thats the first thing i noticed when i got online. I hope they end up bringing it back at some point