no more missions ? :S


after i kill darko at the airport there seem to be no more missions ? no one calls or anything theres only the hitman and the other activity and i know theres more so is there nothing i can do ? :/

please help :)



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Hmm, this might be a glitch or a time problem. Usually, you should get a phone call, but you indicated that that hasn't happened yet. Try "the safehouse-time elapser" glitch. Go to your safehouse and save the game; this will advance the time by alot, making the phone call happen almost instantly. If that don't work, my question is, have you cheated? It might have messed up something. Another question; do you have scratches or fingerprints on the disk? This might not help but try getting the scratches fixed or wipe off the fingerprints. If that doesn't work, go online and look for a WALKTHROUGH form one of the popular gaming websites (Gamefaqs, Gamespot, etc.). MAKE SURE YOU ABSOLUTELY DID NOT MISS ANYTHING. As far as I know, Hitman missions do not need to be completed in order for you to progress to the final missions, but they are required for 100% if I'm correct. Hopefully this helps, otherwise I don't know what is wrong :(

okay ill try that cheers , no i havent used any cheats i was playing for achievemnts :/ it didnt used to work but i took it to a dvd store and got it layered or they did something haha but theres nothing on the disc now , but cheers anyway :)

Hope my advice works, dude.