No more ghosts right now :(

So, I need some help here, I know this isn't the right place for this probably, but i know quite a lot of smart people check this forum so I wanted to put this in here lol And it actually does have to do with Ghosts.

So my Internet and Cable was apparently "Shut Off" a couple days ago, I have it payed on time, but the Comcast guy just left my apartment and said that the maintenance people came through and put a "pad" on my connection or something like that.

I really wanna play Ghosts, so my question is, I noticed that Comcast offers free WiFi hotspots, and I found one and it lets me connect to it through my phone and laptop, I just had to log into my Comcast account to use it, but even though it is an open connection it won't let me get on it through my xbox :(

Why is that ? Is there anyway I can get it to work for my xbox as well and not just my phone and laptop ?

Please help, thanks much.


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Use your phone as a hot spot, youll probably pull host.

plug your xbox ethernet cable into your laptop and enable network sharing on your laptop