No more club hopping

EA almost got this right. Now if you leave a club you can’t join a new one for 24hrs. I wish it was more like 8 or 12hour. If you think about once you leave your club your night of playing club is done for the night.

What do you all think?

I bet all the haters are going to be the kids that play 1 or 2 games with a club and then leave. They join like 200 clubs last year because no one wanted to keep playing with them.


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I agree it should be more like 8 or 12 hours not 24 & i also agree the haters are gonna be mostly all kids.

disagree with all of the haters being kids.  we people that play in leagues are hating it too.

i wish i was a kid again,.

I wish it was 48 hours actually.

People and their ways of doing whatever they feel like cause they can is ruining gaming for me.  I do agree that buying the game does give you rights to play how you want and I'm ok with that.  But quitting is getting to be too rampent and enjoying any kind of fun.  In Halo people quit nonstop which leaves uneven teams ALL the time.

People playing OTP quit NONSTOP if only ONE goal is scored on them.  I do understand that trying to come back in a hockey game being down by a goal in the 1st period is completely, totally, and utterly impossible.  Nobody can EVER come back being down by one in the 1st.  But finish the game.  Don't be stupid.

Needs to be a 48 hour ban on players that quit more then 2 games in a row also in OTP.  If I wanted to play the CPU I would just play offline in Be A Pro.

I disagree. anyway are you on a team now ? can I join your team ? I wont leave your team.

The only part I don't like about it is if say for example I'm playing with a few buddies in a club (because OTP is garbage), we play a few games, then they all end up getting offline for the night.  Now say I still want to play and a couple other of my friends sign online and say, "Hey wanna jump in for some club?"  Well now I can't really do that, can I?

Other than examples like that, I'm all for it.

OTP is garbage.  People quit all the time.  They need to put quit bans in games so peole are more respectful of other gamers.  If I want to play against the CPU all night I'll just cancel Live and play offline all night.  Very annoying.  People are soooo rude anymore.

The push it down from 24 hr to 12.

it just sucks that chodes ruin the game for everyone else.

So does that mean that if you have a club and want to leave it and create a new can't.  You have to wait 24 hours?

thats what it means. on the flip side, it also means that if your club members arent on yet, you cant hook up with other friends, instead you have to play otp or drop in games. which wouldnt be so bad if every moron in the world didnt flock to otp and drop in games.

it sucks that people win trade ---- but it really sucks when legit players and people in leagues get screwed over because of the pricks that win trade.

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