No More BF3 Details on Twitter

Well this kinda sucks, apparently (not to start again PC vs Console titles) that the game's engine is modified to be put on platform and to use the platform's strengths and abilities. Alot of people are complaining about console graphics because of the Jimmy Fallion segment they had, alot of people don't realize its early version they showed, the game is not done, and Console version will never achieve highest PC graphics quality because the console is basically what your stuck with while PC's are always updating with new hardware to use. 



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Graphics look good from what ive seen.body and head movement looks better,lighting really good!overall can't moan!someone always gotta moan about ***!

Lmaooooooo so funny

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It's all pre-alpha. We'll see how it is when the beta starts.


Exactly what I was thinking.

It's all pre-alpha. We'll see how it is when the beta starts.

lol at the graphic grannys. the game will look great, the environment isn't painted on a board like other games, you can change it with properly applied C4 and other explosives. you can't find that awesomesauce in any other 'War' game.

if its anything like BC2, the graphics will be good.

People are complaining about the graphics? I thought they looked pretty good.