No mics with the new Xboxes.. could be the problem

First thing is I didn't realize Microsoft omitted the headphone (mic) with the new Xboxs'. I just bought a Holiday Bundle. Sure it comes with 3 month of XBL, but the cost of a mic offsets the XBL. They must have just swapped this out? I am sure there are going to be some mad people at XMAS..:) 

In any case, I went out and bought a mic, but in 4 or 5 hours of playing it, I have only heard like 3-4 people use the mic. So my point here is add me if you want someone that uses the mic:) 


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i doubt thats the reason your not hearing anyone on battlefield... just play any other game and your going to hear people talking... anyways microshaft really is starting to give its customers the shaft... i'm on my 4th xbox (currently the new 250gb slim, also all were purchased new and not rrod replacements) anyways they really are starting to do shady business. i mean when i first bought my original pro console way back when it came with a mic and actual hd cables (the component/composite one where you could switch between sdtv and hd). my most recent console at least came with a mic but no hd cables which is stupid if you ask me to not even come with any hdmi or component cable. they really are sticking it to the consumers. soon they will be making you buy everything separately, console by itself and everything else will be addons. dvd/bd drive,hdd,power supply,controllers,mic etc...

The reason your not hearing anyone talk is they are all in party chat, Ive only heard 2 other people speak the whole time Ive had the game, & before anyone says "play with friends" none of them play BF3.

"Party chat", is the problem.

party chat > squad chat.........8 > 4


8 teammates in my party trumps the 4 in my squad as far as communication goes any day....and yes, typically I'm partied up in full playing BF

Party chat is the only way to go!!and they need to make party chat 12 players hope they fix this in the new xbox dashboard.....later

I just got a brand new 360 (slim 250gb) and it came with a black headset...