No meat to this game at all.

Played 30 mins offline,got bored quickly,the single player is crap,no real career or anything like that,the upgrading is simplistic childsplay.

So hop online for a couple of hours,just as bad.There is no real sense of progression,no structure to the game and the racing,and normally it just degenerates into all of you crashing into each other over and over.

The one saving grace of multiplayer would have been inclusion of cops,even one side being the cops trying to trap the other team,or npc or player controlled cops interrupting the races...but no,idiots at criterion did not include that,so unless you enjoy picking dirt off your toes for hours on end,or watching paint dry,or if you are amused by a spinning top,steer clear of this vapid excuse for a racer,it may look shiny,it may sound good,but it is EMPTY

Can not believe this game got such good reviews,soon they'll be awarding perfect scores to polished turds...o wait,exactly what this game seems like to me,i guess reviewers are already on that stage.

Before you ask,yes i am mad bro,mad that i wasted 30 quid on crap.Mad that i foolishly went on word of mouth(or text)from what constitutes gamers these days(yes there is an insult in that)and bought off reviewers.


PS,For the love of god do not give EA your money,go for a forza game,or bust out an old ps and play the destruction derbys,or get twisted metal,or play some older need for speeds,f zero,wipeouts,mario karts,anything but this,you'll thank me after 6 hours of gameplay(unless you fall into the spinning top category ;) )


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You are posting in the wrong forum entirely! This forum is for the 2005 NFSMW. You are looking for the 2012 NFSMW forum.

Damn,that was pretty epic

No problem. Hope I wasn't too "jerky" in my last post.