No man's sky

What are your thoughts on this game?

im afraid of the multiplayer, I hope there is  player interactions not just world affects.(kinda like minecraft)

I hope it makes good use of the cloud a game  like this could do something useful with it.

Also I see this as an xbox one console exclusive because of the interview with him.

I hope it is super long and hard to get to the center of the universe. I cant wait till I can pre-order,it would be nice8ce to preload it day 1.

Cant wait for more info!


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In my opinion, it's dead. They had a recent flood which trashed most of their work.

but didn't they say later that the floods affect on the game wasn't really too terrible? meaning either that the damage wasn't all that horrible or there wasn't all that much of the game actually done...i mean all we've ever seen and heard of the game was the vgx trailer and a bit of pr.

I personally believe it's PR spin.

yeah, it probably is a bit of spin, but it was also probably early enough in development that a catastrophe wouldn't be all that catastrophic...

I think it's certainly going to be catastrophic for a 4 man team working on such an ambitious game!

Well, from what I've heard it's a Playstation 4 timed exclusive. It'll be on Playstation 4 for some time, then later on it's going to be released for Xbox One and PC (I don't know if it's being released on PC simultaneously with Playstation 4, Xbox One or if it's got an own release date)!

Actually its a 10 person team and the game will not be coming to any Xbox platform.PS4 -then PC  at a later date.

"the game will not be coming to any Xbox platform"

I've seen nothing indicating this. The game is a PS4 timed exclusive with a future PC launch. That is the only information that has been made available as far as I know, so to say that it won't be coming at all is just speculation unless you have a source from the developer saying otherwise.

i'm kinda getting the feeling that this game could either be the next minecraft...or another spore. we haven't really heard much of anything about any kind of rudimentary story or even gameplay, and i'm not super positive that even the developers have all that stuff sorted out themselves.

Sort of looks like my dream game, really. I think when it releases I will go next gen finally and get a PS4 (if at that time no plans are in the works for an Xbox One release). I am HUGE into exploration in games, will spend hours in games with open worlds taking in every little nook and cranny. I almost worry NMS will be too addictive for me, and will end up spending weeks or months before even leaving the first planet. Also see myself being a bit of an intergalactic photographer, and screenshotting all the interesting vistas and creatures I come across.