No Luck With Orange Drops? Cruzin's Legendary Giveaway!

I need more space so I thought I would give some Legendaries away for free. Just send me a PM if interested. It will be first come first serve basis and if possible I want to really help out those out there who can't get many drops (if you have tons aleady please don't apply)

I will be giving these away in packs to make it easier on myself. (You can only choose 1 Pack)

Maya - Bee Shield, Impaler

Zero - Baby Maker, Conference Call, B***h (w/ Melee), Invader and Legendary Hunter Mod

Gaige - Neogenator, Whisky Fox Trot, Bee Shield, Gunerang, Unkempt Harold, Nukem, Baby Maker & Legendary Mech Mod

Salvador - Gunerang, Veruc, Rolling Thunder, Shredifier, Impaler and Bee Shield

Axton - Deliverance, Shredifier and Legendary Soldier Mod

LEXis - Conference Call (Reg & Slag), Neogenator, Volcano and Veruc


Again, send me a PM with which Pack you are interested in and if it is still available it will be yours.

Oh and these are all Level 50's except the Whisky Shield (49).


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I don't need anything... I just wanted to say "Thank You"...  It is people like you that make not only Bl2 fun, but the whole Xbox Universe/Family a great place to be.   I have some extra Orange weapons as well... Will make a list and post them too...

It is people like tCruzin4lyfe that make the Xbox a good place to be...

If either of you can spare anything I'll take it.

I'm only level 35, just finished my first playthrough and I'm doing a true vault hunter mode run now. Definitely alot harder solo!


^^ Well everything I'm offering is Lvl.50 so I have nothing that you could actually use yet. UPDATE! I have received requests for the Maya, Zero, Salvador & LEXis Packs. That leaves Gaige & Axton STILL AVAILABLE. If anything changes (someone changes their mind) then I will give another update.

Thanks again! :)

@EV1L SEAN, No problem! @Task571, Thanks for the kind words. I rather give them away to fellow gamers than sell them to vending machines :)

UPDATE! Axton is the only pack I have left. I'm also throwing in a extra Legendary Siren Mod & maybe a Fabled Tortoise Shield :)



This is my last giveaway for awhile (I still have extra stuff). Now this will be the same deal but ANYBODY can request a pack. If your looking to collect Legendaries you dont have or if you have no luck with drops, jut send me a PM and tell me which pack are you interested in. Also, if you received a pack from the 1st giveaway feel free to send me a message as well (though I will be trying to help out newcomers first) I will keep your request in mind. So let's get to it!


Gaige - Unkempt Harold, Infinity Pistol (Shock), Fastball Grenade, Veruc, Mongol, Invader Sniper (Shock), Black Hole Shield (Level 48)


Salvador - Conference Call (Slag), Volcano Sniper, Nasty Surprise, HellFire SMG, Slagga SMG


Maya - Longbow (Mincecraft Sniper), Deliverance Shotgun, Emperor SMG, Invader Sniper (Fire), Shredifier


Zero - Volcano Sniper, Corporate B***h SMG, Thunderball Fist Pistol, Flakker Shotgun, Bonus Package Grenade, Pitchfork Sniper (Fire)


Axton - Maggie Pistol, Legendary Soldier Mod, Deliverance, Hammer Buster, Bonus Package Grenade, Shredifier, B***h SMG, Logan's Gun (Level 49)


Well that's it for now. Hopefully this will help a few more people out. I will be on a lot this weekend so please feel free to send me a message and i will try my best to get the pack to you ASAP.



UPDATE! Gaige is the only pack I still have available.

Hey, i just want to say thanks again for the zero legendary pack. :)

Just wanna thank you for your generosity to the community. :)

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.