No Instruction Booklet

First Gears 3 gave me a dinky 2 page booklet and now BF3 gives me nada. Anyone miss the old days where the booklets actually contained some cool info in them?


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it's in the menu under extras. Give the companies credit for being 'green' and conserving paper.

I know they provided one, but I'm talking about the extra story or universe information they provided. For example the Gears 2 booklet had a whole intro letter, specs on the weapons, etc.

This isn't queers of war 2.  Its battlefield 3

EA is going green while taking your green ;)

I kinda wish it just had the BF3 cover art thing as an insert...I really don't care for manuals, I look in the options menu to see the controls and then start playing....and the whole manual is in game, so it's literally a non issue for me. Wouldn't mind if every game did this.

Thats disappointing to hear. I'll have to agree with OP that no manual is bullsh*t.

This trend is going to put a real damper on my bathroom-reading time.