NO idea where to post I will post here! HALO REACH ???

I was have a temp Ban for credits on halo reach.....I sat idle, not to be a dooosh but because I am going through chemo and needed to get to the throne fast! I asked my friend to stop the game when firefight was over. Turned on today and temp banned from credits. I fell asleep and hadn't a clue until today. Does anyone know how long this ban lasts? I feel dirty


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hi, sorry about the chemo, but unfortunately whatever the reason the ban will still stand, i believe the 1st offence ban will last for 48 hours, it must have happened repeat times not just once for a ban though?!

Just taking a quick look at your recent games, you AFK quite a lot. Not just Firefight either. There's an 0-31 on Rumble Pit, a 0-0 in Rumble Pit which you did not quit, and then an 0-17 in Rumble Pit immediately after.


Followed by 11 games of extremely suspicious Firefight games where you went 0-0 in some, only got like 25 kills in others, 14 kills in others. This has been an ongoing habit with you, so that's why you've been banned. It wasn't just one offense.


Depending on the severity and the offense number, your cR ban could last anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks. It's nothing personal against you, but the bans are set so that players get the best possible experience from their games. Idling (especially in Firefight) makes for a very unenjoyable game for team mates.