No glass pane?


Or am I somehow missing it?.


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Going to be a while till we get those. I think they were introduced when we got got the villages on the pc version.

From the Wiki.

Glass panes were introduced in Beta 1.8. ... "[1]

Thanks. Guess I'll just have to use the glass block.

Ronin I'll have to catch up to you on xbox minecraft. Like to see what you got so far.

 I'm slowly building my first big house.

I actually haven't been playing it that much. I'll definitely be on it more when we finally get pistons. Also coordinates.

Yeah its kind of weird without being able to use stuff like that.

looooooong time until we get them. i think it was implemented on v 1.0 or 1.1

We got them before then. It was just after 1.8 ,I believe, in one of the 1.8 updates.

I believe I read that pistons and glass panes were coming in the update next month.

that's why i say "i think"[Mod Removed]