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Hello guys,

i've bought Modern Warfare 3 yesterday and i have a problem. The matchmaking doesn't seem to connect me to any lobbies whatsoever. I've waited for 3 hours to get in a Domination lobby but without success. I thought it was a problem with the servers since the game was just released, so i've decided to wait and see if things get sorted out. Today however i've noticed that a new update (other than the one i made yesterday) for Modern Warfare 3 was available. I've downloaded it thinking it would solve my problem but it didn't. I managed to play a few games online by joining some of my friends which were connected, and afterwards to play by tracking the Recent Players, but that doesn't seem like an abvious choice for a Call of Duty fan, since i have no control what mode i'm playing.

Now, my question is: is there something wrong with the game ? Is there anything i can do ? I have a good connection with my NAT opened so there's no problem there. I've played a lot of MW2 and BO without any issues.

Thank you.


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Have you tried?:  Go to your system settings, then memory, press "Y" and delete the System Cache (it deletes all recent updates). So after you have done that, start up MW3 and it will have you update the game.

Yeah, i did that, but it doesn't work. I think it's a game related issue.

Okay, while searching if someone else had the problem i ran into this:

If you're experiencing issues like me, you'll have to post there with the required information and hopefully the issue will be fixed for everyone.