No Forge Maps? Come On, People!

I am genuinely shocked that over the course of the past few months I have seen absolutely zero suggestions/recommendations for custom forge maps on this forum. Come on guys! There's got to be something worth mentioning or trying out! Show me what you've made or can find that's fun and that's also designed well! Show me what your imaginations are capable of! Breathe some life back into Halo 4!


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It would help if Forge maps weren't laggy as *** as soon as anything happens.

I've never done much custom maps but forge island has grabbed my attention and I have started to build a map there. Apparently you could make a bridge between some of the islands but all I have done is use teleports so far.

Would help if forge wasn't so limiting.

I do have to admit, I haven't been able to properly forge in Halo 4 yet. Just yesterday, I tried to use it again. To start, magnets almost make things worse - there aren't any magnets where I would like them to be and the strength of the magnets, even at their lowest setting, makes it hard to put a single piece in-between 2 others. I even tried to put a bunch of walls together in a box-like fashion with the magnets and using the edit coordinates feature to put them all at the same height, and despite this, there was always a corner that was higher than the rest. There are some weird things with forge they need to address to be sure, but that's just another reason to start a post such as this. We can use it to talk about all things forge and build up a list of things for the developers to fix and then let them know about it. ;)

They posted a pretty good one on the Halo official site recently

I've seen Pete the Duck's videos before when he 1st started, but back then it wasn't easy to find user-made maps online. Thanks for reminding me about him. I'll definitely be checking out all of the other stuff he's put up that I've missed in the interim. Nice find xCHEMISTx - thanks. ;D

What @ChainSmokingBob says it's true, they get laggy.

Check out .....amazing website

Two words:

"Generating Lighting".

God damn it, Settler... 

I have a very small map in my file share called "Bloodbath".  Took about 10+ hours to create with a lot of beta testing.   6-8 players max.   Spawn with 2 random weapons, mines on the floor, and an incineration cannon in the middle located in the air above a hole in the floor with more mines.  If you are interested in small chaotic maps just for fun then check it out.  


I also made a massive offroad map with 3 difficulties. Easy, medium, hard. Took at least 40-50 hours. But I don't have any plans to publish that map. Its just for fun with friends.

Your Bloodbath map is not the kind of map I, personally, am looking for (I'm not saying it's bad, mind you). I just don't want chaos and "chance" to rule the day. I want a well-designed map that looks aesthetically pleasing; has cover; short, medium, & long sight-lines; branching paths and entry-points; no graphical clipping; & that is great for use in multiple standard gametypes. In other words, professional quality & design. I'm very shrewd, a perfectionist, & a critic - but I know what I want...

I've heard of; I've already picked up some of their best maps. I'm looking for additional sources from the community here though, not other websites...

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