No event this weekend?

I didnt see an event listed for this weekend.  :(  Not that any of them have been fun to play (except the big head one) but still.


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Rod said it was a KoTH event involving Retro lancers and Gorgon Pistols, but it will be announced Friday.

Ahhhh.  Thanky.  Sounds horrible again though.

Boom Snipes was awesome, as was big head mode.  Not every weekend is for every person but you have to hand it to Epic for trying to give us something new each week.

what i like about these events is it forces u to use the power weapons some i had struggled with in the past (torque bow + sniper rifle) but now im comfortable using these weapons in versus and can get kills with them now

Torque Bow, Boomshots, Diggers and pumpkin head were all awesome

How do I get involved in the events. I see the events each weekend but I don't know what game modes to play. There is an achievement that requires participating right?

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the Socialite achievement worth 70G requires you to earn the onyx war supporter medal for playing in "x" amount of events.

every weekend there is an event and when you select versus and then standard, there should be a new playlist at the top of the list called the name of the event (e.g. Can You Dig It?  or BOOOOOOOOM! SNPES!) then play a match (ranked or quick) and it will then count towards your war supporter medal.

Hope I helped. :D                 can't wait for the next event!

You crazy Can You Dig It!? was the beezneez

There's one now. It's called Blades and Nades. That would be the Retro Lancer and Frags I believe.

Sucks. Who wants to play KotH and use retro? both for bk's.