No Commendation Pack?

Checked last night not there,read small print have to have game feedback turned on,went back to Xbox me3 options,found them set off? Contacted ea online adviser who told me I won't get pack.. I said I could give him date and gamer tags of 3 others that were in my mission when we beat silver..still no good why ???

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The information is recorded during your play with it on. Anyone can have it turned off and call EA support saying they did. Doesn't use sometihng like say Bungie does with Halo 3 and Reach where entire information is recorded and made public. Next time, make sure game feedback is on.

All the info was in the initial announcement.   Sorry you missed out, but now you know - and knowing is half the battle.

Had all my settings ON and still no pack? Promoted  two characters and nothing!

Commendation pacts seem to take longer. You should have it no later than some time tomorrow. And why post here, this was from two weeks ago.

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Had all my settings ON and still no pack? Promoted  two characters and nothing!


Me too, promoted both my engineer and sentinel classes. I got the victory pack, went to get my commendation pack but it isn't there. I hope it's there tommorrow.

I have no commendation pack either, it was the same way for the last special weekend that gave you packs. It may just take a couple more hours.

They said it be out by the end of April 4th which is tomorrow.

Commendation packs didnt start being released until this morning.  I got mine, opened it about 615 CST.  Valiant.  I am happy.  Some people may not see them until this evening.

Well If I get anything but an Eagle upgrade I will be disappointed.