No code in my copy.

I just purchased a new and sealed copy of Halo CEA, and I got nothing inside except the disc and user's manual.

I live in Saudi Arabia, and all other PAL copies here which were shipped from Dubai have no codes included, but I just want to know why this non-sense happened.

An official answer will be appreciated.


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My first question is: did you preorder it? The anniversary map pack code should come with it regardless, but the other bonus content codes won't.


My second question is: what were the regulations of the games release in your country? Different countries have different bonuses and different packaged content in them. For example, here in the U.S. if we pre-ordered, we got a special in-game skull and avatar item. I believe in some places in Europe, they got a free Halo art book. Certain countries have certain exclusives and rules on games. You'd need to contact the place where you bought the game in order to find out what happened.

I didn't pre-order it, my regulations are as same as the US, although we do have some restrictions on certain games to enter the country, but not on map pack codes.

Thanks for your reply though, I contacted the retailer, but he said that he got these copies from Microsoft Dubai themselves, so I should be contacting their office in Dubai to clarify this.

I already sent Microsoft Games an email, but have not received a reply as of yet.

Much Appreciated.

Yup no code here too i got the pal version in Bahrain ..not sure what to do now

maybe its just all arab countries ??!