No co-op campaign matchmaking? Nice going, 343.

Seriously, 343.  You're like a little kid trying on his big brother's clothes and thinking he can fill his brother's shoes.


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It will be a complete waste of time at the moment.

How many times are you going to repeat that phrase?

I would have liked to see this but then again if I want to do the campaign co-op I can just invite some friends

Campaign matchmaking?


Where is the appeal to this anyway, exactly? I wouldn't be able to stand sitting there for a long period of time given how laggy Spartan Ops is.

I enjoyed a game or two of it in Reach :P But I miss Bob, Killed by the Gaurdians, and Grifball.

Because I want nothing more than to play the campaign that I already completed with randoms who have no idea what the hell they're doing.


Good idea, OP.

don't want to burst your bubble, but as I believe 343 industries were the people who added campaign matchmaking into halo reach

besides, the campaign isn't really that hard to finish 

They didnt add it in Reach. And sometimes I like to play with randoms. They amuse me. I learned a lot of speed runs and EE through co-op.

I don't mind that they don't have the matchmaking, what really bummed me was that they took out the xp for the campaign. I understand it was to stop boosting like in Reach when you get the airstrike and just kill all those grunts.