No achievements?


I recently completed the main story on normal difficulty and i stumled upon an unsual problem - throughout the whole gameplay I didnt unlock a single achievement - on the top of all - the game does not even appear in my gamecard - has anyone else had this problem in this or any other game? Thank you

I own a PAL version bought off UK site 


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NO sir...I would have addressed this after i knew i didnt get the 1st couple

The forums show you've played it but, as you say, you don't have any chievos as showing unlocked.


I have 3 suggestions which probably wont help but here we go....


(A) I've once had a known problem where I got chievos but they didn't tally up on one of the blade screens. 1 screen would show my total increased G but chievos in a game were not showing unlocked although their score was added on.

Your issue might be partly related to that. The way to fix that issue is easy. You basically "recover" your account. Normally you would recover when wanting to play your profile on a different Xbox e.g. a friends. You can just do it on your own console though. I forget how to do it exactly so give it a google. When I had to do it the one time it fixed my problem.


Your problem only seems slightly similar but it might be worth a try. Recovering wont affect you in any way other than wasting some minutes of your time to recover your account.

Give that a go.


2 other suggestions which I would try after.


(B) Clear your cache. Go to the memory section of your dashboard, scroll over your harddrive, DON'T press (A) but press (Y) for something like "further options".

Choose the clear system cache option. Again. Doesn't affect you in anyway and it's good to help system maintenance from time to tme. Clearing cache will remove game updates so dont be suprised when every game you then load up gets updates again.




(C) When looking at your chievos I think it said your region was Switzerland. You stated you had a PAL version of the game which I believe is the Euro standard these days (France etc are SECAM or whatever). You also purchased from a UK site. Maybe not so much PAL as that's the format but the whole UK copy in Switzerland might be causing the issue.


Since an update a while ago MS have put measures in place to stop copyright issues etc cross countries. People now have to have their region Xbox with their region Disc with their version DLC etc. If there is a mixture of countires involved then it has been causing problems. I remember people having some problems with BLOPS maps due to being able to download DLC outside of their region. I saw it being mentioned a lot by military personnel on base in other countries. I have a Canadian friend who has moved between the US and Canada a lot. She had at least 1 issue relating to this. She now has 2 Gamertags etc. Lol


If this is your issue then I have no idea how to clarify if it's the cause or what steps you should take to remedy the issue.


Hope some of this may help. There's every chance none of the above will help but it gives you some things to try.


Ratty ; )