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My son and I have just finished Halo 4, we played every level together coop on Heroic.  We always played a full level before saving at the start of the next level to continue the next day.  When we finally finished, I got the achievements for completing the game but he didn't.  We both have all 8 achievements for the levels but somehow it doesn't equate that to completing the game for my son.  He's not very happy, why hasn't it credited him with the completion cheevo?


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Did he play the prologue?

Have him look under his commendations and ensure that every level has the box for the commendation filled. The level (or levels) that aren't checked will have to be completed again.


It's under player commendations. 

Go into campaign mode and scroll through each mission on the select screen. It will show you which ones have been completed (for co-op and single player) and what difficulty. Probably skipped the prolgue like Bob said or one of the levels didn't read for some reason.