Nintendo: Microsoft, Sony must react to us.

I'm posting this here because this is the most populated area:

Sounds like Nintendo is nervous to me. Either that or really confident. What do you think? Here is the article

Here is a bit of what they say:

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime is not fearful that the Wii U will become irrelevant if Microsoft and Sony launch new consoles next year as is suspected. In fact, the executive said he believes Nintendo has set the innovation bar with its Wii U, and Microsoft and Sony cannot rely solely on more advanced technology if they wish to succeed.

"In the end, our competitors need to react to what we're doing in the marketplace and need to figure out what their innovation will be," Fils-Aime told GameSpot sister siteCNET. "It's likely that faster processors and pretty pictures won't be enough to motivate consumers. They need to react to what we've done and we need to continue innovating with the Wii U and we will." 

I think that a"faster processors and pretty pictures" will be enough to motivate customers so I say he's nuts.


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I don't know why they would be nervous; Nintendo consoles and games will sell no matter what, right? Either way, boastful or not, they shouldn't be talking like that. It sounds arrogant and suggesting Sony isn't doing anything in it's current state just makes me laugh. And Microsoft has Xbox Live: that has a huge demographic.

I used to love Reggie. But its the fact that he groups me and others as just "consumers" is one of the reasons I pretty much put down the Wii, only picking it up for one or two exclusives a year. Not out of principal, but because their game console reflects that. I may be a consumer, but I'm a gamer first. And I'm sure Reggie and Nintendo care about customer service, but they are servicing everyone, catering to everyone.--Putting real gamers behind everyone else.

The only Nintendo product I own is the 3DS XL. I play it quite often, but it'll probably be the last Nintendo product I purchase. I've never been interested in the Wii and I'm not interested in the Wii U either. Nintendo should be worried if both Microsoft and Sony release a new console next year. They'll see their sales go down like they always do.

All I will say is that my Wii U is the only thing I've touched since I got it.  Miiverse is outstanding and much better than I expected.  I actually put about 30 hours into it last week.  I look for the other guys to copy it.  I also have had more fun with ZombiU and New SMB U then any other games released this year.  This is just Reggie being Reggie, doing PR for attention.  


I also don't believe the PS4 or next Xbox will be vastly more powerful than the Wii U.  Just viewing this realistically.  Nintendo set the price for the next gen consoles at $300 to $350.  Both Xbox and Sony will need to be around that to keep up in sales or else the Wii's success will repeat.  

Is there really a lot of heat on the Wii U? I don't know anyone that's talking about it...I saw no Black Friday deals for it. I don't even see any gaming media heat on it...I see that big dumb screen controller thing and I wonder how I'm even supposed to use the damn thing...It's like using a tablet and the TV at the same time...looks too complicated (which is the opposite of what the Wii was)...

They made a gimmicky console more gimmicky, and now they're telling Sony & MS to bring it on... dear God. Microsoft must smite Nintendo. It has to be done. Praise thy glorious MS as they bask in the righteous rays of imminent victory!

^^ noboundz, you got problems. You are still funny though.


[quote user="isturbo1984"]-Putting real gamers behind everyone else.[/quote] Really? How so? In fact, I can name several games on the Wii I still haven't played that I really should. Tell me: have you played Zack and Wiki?
And man, look how wonderful the DS is. Shame on Nintendo for having such a wonderful handheld system that caters to an huge audience with such variety. I still have a backlog of RPG's for that thing and it's going to get bigger when I pick up Okamiden, The world Ends With You, and Radiant Historia later this year.

And Retro Studios! Metroid Prime Trilogy, anyone? How about Donkey Kong County Returns??? I can't wait to see what these guys do next!

Oh look, Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive.

Also, so much irony in your post. You complain how Nintendo is "catering to everyone" and only views you as a "consumer" when this is EXACTLY what Activision does with Call of Duty.

About the consumer thing, duh we're all consumers. If we don't consume products we aren't part of the industry.


As for Reggie, just one look at the guy will tell you all you need to know. He's a weird blow hard who sold his soul to Nintendo. He cannot be taken seriously about their products.

the Wii U will be just like the Wii was in most homes ... a dust collector after the initial "new thing" fades .. people spend money on new things and it's all the rage until they realize a month or so later .. i don't even play this thing anymore.

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