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what are the 5 backstabber medals. i have 3 and im stumped on how to get the other 2 and thats all ineed for the ninja pro


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I play on tactical so I barely ever knife. I usually just found people afk haha. Like if there was an afk person, it was my whole mission, the rest of the game, to try to pro perks on them-- tac mask, and definitely ninja pro. Anyway, use stun grenades and know how to use them and you're cool. Just follow spy planes and find someone running away, catch up to them, you can stun from far away-- run up to them and knife them in the back.

dont waste your time with ninja and ninja just doesnt work as well as it does in the pervious cods.

Hey. Again, you have no clue what you're saying. You need a hobby, dude. You're not informative on here at all. Go buy a lego set or something. They're pretty time consuming. No, it's not as GOOD as sit rep pro, but it's still good.

its no where near as effective as dead silence in cod 4 and waw

ps. i have lego you want to borrow it?

[quote user="orion796"]

its no where near as effective as dead silence in cod 4 and waw


I don't believe Dead Silence had any effect on the footstep volume of your enemies in CoD4 or WaW, so I'll have to disagree with you.

ah well maybe its because i have turtle beach but even so i could still hear footsteps alot clearer and louder on previous cods..with pinpoint accuracy.

Ninja pro is so useless in Black Ops.  Marathon Pro is where it's at!

I dont care about hearing the enemy better, but the more complete silence I think is great in cqc.

Actually the enemy's footsteps being louder confuses me more than it does good. I find myself being distracted by enemies that are far off, and getting shot by close ones who are just being quiet or using ninja themselves.

I don't really use ninja or ninja pro that much.....don't really influence my game play.