Ninja Gaiden Z - Anyone Got it?

I'm a sucker for dismemberment so I couldn't help myself when I saw it in the sales.

Anyone else got a copy?


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I was looking forward to it, but I ended up getting The Witch and the Hundred Knight instead, I might pick it up cheap, but I am starting to think Strider looks better...

They wanted a small fortune for it on Games on Demand but fortunately online you can find it for less than have that which is much more reasonable.

These Anime style graphics are where the XBox 360 really shines.  The Naruto games, "Asura's Wrath", "Afro Samurai", "Eternal Sonata", heck, even though it bored me to tears even "Tales of Vesperia" was like playing your own Anime.

No sir, I don't have that one. I am breaking into the franchise soon though on the recommendations of you folks. Going to be some good times on that!

Yaiba is so much stupid fun. Ninja Gaiden X Dynasty Warriors, seriously. It's a notch harder than Vanilla NG3, but once you get used to everything it's pretty easy for a Ninja Gaiden. Lots of LOL moments too.

Well my copy should hopefully be showing up tomorrow.

The ONE is great but seems to be short of titles you can have a mindless bash on.

I'm glad some developers remember how much fun it is to dismember people for the sheer joy of it rather than trying to obtain some sort of elite feather in their gamercap.

(Unless of course that elite feather is for something like 10 000 decapitations - Conan has achievements like that.  Loved that game).


Naruto games are mindless fun too. Can't wait till Super Mega Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations 4!

I love those games. And to think I onlly donned an Itachi avatar because it became part of my image rather than being a big Naruto fan too! :O

Super Mega whut? O_o that's a huge title! lol.

Yeah Az, in the nicest of respects I miss how much dismemberment there used to be in gaming. I think as graphics go on and become more and more realistic, that it will get fewer and fewer. I hope not though.

*pokes Kanaye* Naruto :P

Well considering "Naruto: Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst " took us to to Volumes 61 & 62 and Volume 66 has just come out it's going to be a little while before we see "Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Hokage Edition".

Still, I'd gobble up something that puts 2 & 3 Full Burst onto one disc.

No word of a "Senran Kagura" title for this next gen yet but for that and "Galgun II" we live in hope.

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