Ninja Gaiden Yaiba

Is anyone interested in Ninja Gaiden Yaiba?

I am, what about you?

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I am . Ill be getting it. I liked all NG games so far. Yes including NG 3 and NG3 razors edge

What do you think of the new look?

Hmm. I'll get it when it's bargain bin. I've got zero faith in Team Ninja putting out good work anymore (where NG is concerned) and even less in Spark Unlimited.

I am interested in it, but it is not a definite yet, I don't normally read reviews until after I buy a game, but I might check out a few before buying this, but from what I have seen so far it looks to be a good game, only time will tell, and you know you will get it, heck you got NG3...

It's a Hack/Slash, so we both know I'll get it lol, but I won't pay any more than £15 for it, so that'll be around 2 weeks after launch then!

Lol, you never know it may be better than expected, I have seen a couple of videos of it and they got me interested in it, I am loving the art style though...

The art Style looks great and ill buy it day one. I hope for a collectors edition. Though I hope for a NG 4 with Ryu back in action.

TN is great. They faltered on NG3, but NG3 Re was great and so was DOA 5

I'm with Shigurui on this, I have no interest until it's $20 or below.

After recently playing the original NG and finding x10 better then number 3 I just can't even get excited for a new one anymore. Unless it's the first remade, haha.

It's not actually Ninja Gaiden Yaiba, it's Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. A lot of people here are looking at it as if it's a new Ninja Gaiden game, but it isn't. Ryu happens to be in it. The subtitle refers to Ninja Gaiden Z mode, which is an arcade-like side scrolling mode included in the game, if I'm not mistaking.

As for the main game, completely different character, art style, gameplay and the difficulty is a lot lower according to the developers. Not to mention the humor is aimed at those who enjoy excessive swearing and sexual references.

So I don't think using NG as a reference is right. People who don't like NG might like this one and NG players might very likely find this an abomination.

As for me, I'll wait 'til more info is available. I've seen good trailers and a few horrid ones.

Last I heard this was a Mobile device game.  What's it doing on the ONE?

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