Ninja Gaiden 2, where are ye?

The old Ninja Gaiden 2 forum has been killed. So where's the new one? This game still has a hardcore dedicated fanbase, at least until NG3 comes out.


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It just hasn't been added yet.  It's just going to take time for all of the games to be in the forums.

Lazy people programming the forums so it probably wont ever be up, you're better off searching on Google for NG forums.

Just go to, all we talk about is Ninja Gaiden.

Yeah, I'm on Iberians, too. I liked this one too, that's all. Easier having it all in one place.

I agree with Assassinator. I doubt it will ever be up. Killing the old forums was likely a marketing ploy some VP thought up:

"Hey, we need people to buy more games. There's too many people talking about old games. Lets put a stop to that, and make sure they're only allowed to talk about new games - (whether they like them or not). Gotta sell more Kinectimals!"

I still can't get the hang of these new forums, it's just horrible!

Damnation has a forum & not Ninja Gaiden2? wtf...