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I haven't been experiencing tech issues with Xbox Fitness (just started though). I am missing Nike Fitness however. I liked having one personal trainer and frequent fitness tests--it felt like a more complete and tailored-to-me experience. I'm also not into the "fitness personalities" and all their motivational shouting that Xbox Fitness offers and would be into a more low key and cooler/hipper approach. Xbox Fitness just feels like fitness DVDs with a slightly better experience. Yoga would be great too.

I'm hoping that Xbox sticks with this though and I will continue to support it as working out this way is the most efficient way for me given my ridiculous schedule.


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I was a bit "put off" in the beginning with Xbox Fitness, especially coming from doing Nike Training on Xbox 360 last year. I agree, I liked having the "digital" fitness trainer personally motivate me and telling me where my form was wrong.

I have to say now I can't do without the Xbox Fitness programs. What seemed impersonal, following along with a video, now seems necessary with the way the Kinect tells me what I'm doing good at and where I need to improve. I can learn a routine, anticipate what I need to do next, and push myself harder at various stages of the session. The feedback is great.

But I definitely would love to have Nike put out an Xbox One version of their Nike training program. Being able to add that variation to my routine would be great to have.

I've given it some time, and I'm back to working out with Nike+ on the XBox360.

This Nike+ pattern seems to be a good match in general, and a good fit for a reboot.  I like Alex, but from a marketing point-of-view, I could see Nike+ going to a more current bench for a new version for XBox One.  

This product is a good one, folks.  Don't let it go because it doesn't fit the sexy-marketed-video paradigm; it is superior because it doesn't descend to a mere video replay.  It watches.  It adjusts.  It gives that critical feedback that keeps you coming back.  And with the latest Kinect, so much more is possible.

Sorry, P90 and folks.  You fall short.  You and your developers need to seriously bring your A-game here.