Nightwing is going to be playable in Arkham city. Cant wait.  Here is the link for you guys.


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I was going to post this info but you beat me LOL . Good find.

Yay! Day 1 DLC...

It's 12:30 on Reunion Island and there is no dlc at all....What a pity!

Not a big fan of the challenge mode, but I'll probably still end up grabbing this anyway.

downloaded it about an hour ago,not bad.

i don`t usually buy dlc this early on but i thought i would this time.

its good but a few complaints,

1: the 2 new maps are way to easy,i beat them both first time within minutes.

2:during the predator levels the inmates still say "its batman" when they see you.

3:more gadgets than catwoman but still no weapon break move like batman has.

4:the electric charge combo during combat levels does not increase your score or combo count so is pointless.

small things i know but still worth mentioning.

i also think he needs to get a new suit  as the one he`s wearing seems a bit tight, judging by the way he runs.

The enemies say he's batman because they think it's batman, just like in the very beginning of the game when the enemies think catwoman is batman. If you play the iceberg challenge map, penguin doesn't even know nightwing's name.

the more i have played with nightwing my biggest complaint is the same as catwoman,no weapon break move.

it gets really annoying disarming one guy just for the next to pick the same weapon back up again.

why not give these characters a similar amount of moves as batman?

They can't give them similar moves to Batman, because there is only ONE B-Man. That is what seperates the characters and their move set form each other. Otherwise you would just be playing the same thing with a different skin. I find that Nightwing fights a lot slower because of his sticks. It forces you to use different tactics when coming up against armed fores rather than just disarming them like Batman; and let's face it, Robing, Nightwing nor Catwoman posess the strength to break a weapon.

[quote user="AA25 Mamba"] Robing, Nightwing nor Catwoman posess the strength to break a weapon.[/quote]

they would be strong enough to pull the magazine from a gun.

they don`t have to be the same moves ,but the moves have been totally removed,Y-X for catwoman and nightwing now do nothing.

they could have thought of something to put there. 

Personally, I think Nightwing is great for actually learning the combat system for people who aren't familiar with it. Like Mamba said, Nightwing is slower than Batman and Catwoman which makes it a heck of a lot easier to counter enemies' attacks because you have so much more time to do so. I do agree they should have added the weapon break move. It seems like they really just wanted to get Nightwing out as quick as possible. What they should have done was release Robin first and then Nightwing months later.