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Cool trailer, I'll probably pick this up once it's released. :)

jason todd the second robin was killed by the joker (cos the fans did'nt take to him as he was a bit cocky and came across as annoying and childish) tim drake the robin in arkham city was the third robin. there has been another two robins since then a female robin (cant remember her name) and damian wayne- talia and batmans child

Wasn't Drake killed by Joker in the graphic novel or was it Todd? can't remember.

@DutRank I agree Batgirl would be awesome to play as in the fight challenges. But she is in the game Oracle was batgirl until Joker shot her in the back paralyzing her.  This was part of her character bio in Arkham Asylum, but with Rocksteady being dead set on keeping true to the batman canon I don't see them making her available.  For those unfamiliar Robin was *** Grayson until he decided to become Nightwing, Tim Drake was fascinated with Batman and Robin and deduced their identity. He then convinced Brue Wayne that role Robin was important and after passing tests by Bruce became Robin.  All in the character bios I love how much information they give about the Batman universe I am not a reader of comic books but after these games I became very interested in all the characters stories.

Totally agree. I would have liked to explore the city as either character. A parrallel story for Robin similar to Catwoman would have been good as well.

no just the combat and predater maps, would be cool to have fun with robin in the city hopefully they will do some. anyone else thinks nightwing looks like the guy from the game dark sector

Some of the places he's fighting don't look like challenge maps, are there going to be story missions in this pack?

I wish they'd add some side missions and/or trophies for Nightwing and Robin so we could at least roam around the city as them end-game like we can with Catwoman.

I guess they meant that Nightwing was Robin before.

I guess they don't know that Robin and Nightwing are two different people.  At least in Arkham City.

But since they are adding a new character, I wonder if they will be adding more.  Like Batgirl or the Joker.