Nightmares while sleeping

After I made my house I made a bed to sleep in and when I went to sleep about 6 sec later a zombie is in my house attacking me and I die. This happened twice in a row. Has this happened to anyone else?


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Have you put torches up with glass windows, a door and a fence?

No glass windows or a fence it's the first night when I start the new world. I have a door and a roof there are no openings in my house.

Hmm... Is it well lit?

get a sword bro.

Not really but how is the zombie getting in my house? Doesn't make sense to me.

PLEASE DO REMEMBER TO PUT A FEW TORCHES IN YOUR HOUSE otherwise mobs will spawn inside

dont put your bed close to the wall put it a few sqaures away and make sure your house is well lit

I am having the same problem.  My bed is on the wall but I think the problem is with wooden doors as I removed the doors and blocked the entrance with more wood and slept just fine everytime.  I think the wooden doors are broken personally.

Yes, it's been a little hit-or-miss for me. Happened with a few different configurations too. I always keep my interiors very well lit.

As Legend said above, it might have something to do with the bed being placed near a wall.

Make sure your house is completed with windows and a door. Make sure to have torches put up and make your bed well lit. Do NOT put your bed against a wall, put it in the center of your room. This should help!