NHL12 Wish List

Let's hear what your wishes are for the next NHL. I'll start.

  1. On line Co-op Season. With our Online Be a Pro Players. But remember Season. So all of my friends are on my team and we play against the AI.
  2. Two line passing for on line game's.
  3. Club Match's Fair. Not playing against top 50 Elite teams. Just so we aren't  10 / 60 / 30 every month.
  4. A  straddle the Blue line button. 
  5. Defense can block shoots better. So we don't have to do big hits just to slow a guy down. 
  6. Goalies Learn your Skill / Dekes.
  7. Goalies get Pulled. after 3 goals or make it so we can vote on it.
  8. No more ghost players.  Have it so the sticks & pucks don't go though me.
  9. 4 Play by play announcers. So we don't have to hear the same guys all year long.
  10. Score Board Video high lights. 
  11. Record Your Favorite High lights. Then be able to play them all. after you win the Cup.
  12. Real score Boards of NHL teams.
  13. Different Intro videos when your in the play offs.
  14. Lose the lame Game Modes that no one plays and put that power in some of my Wishes.
  15. New Xbox  Themes. Starting with The Red Wings.

Other then that. I love this game and can't wait for the new one. Is there anything you would like to see?


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Automatic red ring of death for juicers/cheaters

why would you want 2-line pass back? i hated that penalty..... everything else is great..

i'd also like to be able to assign Captaincy and alternates on a club team... wearing the C's and A's would be kinda cool... maybe even giving the Captain on the team a certain "leadership" trait that boosts teamplay related attributes a bit.... giving more meaning to the C and who should wear it.... idk... its been a long summer lol

I flipping hate the guys cherry picking. If they would bring back the 2 line pass. Maybe some of these guys would come back and help on D. Those are always the first guys to start crying when the other team scores. The one I really hope for the most is the Be a Pro Co-op season online.

how bout whenu join an online game u pick ur position on the 1st screen not after ur locked into a game

TRUE   Jerseys!!   How hard is it to get Team Canada, team USA, Team Russia, Uniforms right??

a few things

1-having an enforced system for people that quit during games (maybe like halo reach where you are banned for like 15 mins)

2-SOMETHING TO FIX THE DAMN  RUN DOWN THE ICE AND SCORE SYSTEM, i think this falls into what  teeman69xxx said "cherry picking" i hate the lazy players that do nothing but call for the damn puck and shoot  nothing but a damn waste of a roster spot, sure they can score but why have a guy that only takes shots and plays no defense?  would take 2 guys that played good defense over a guy that called all the time and scored  4 goals a game cuz i know the 2 players are going to play as a team instead of a one man show on ice.

any way that's about all i can hope for what now appears to be nhl 13