What would you like to see in NHL 13?

Some new things, current things that should be fixed, or things that you think should be removed.

Let's hear it.


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-I would like to have the option to chose a captain or assistant captain.

-Give teams a certain amount of points/cap so they can spend it on what type of CPU players to have on their team. ie. you can spend more on having a good goalie or d-man. The team you have will always be your team...and you can choose your CPU players names.

-Make the monthly playoffs so you actually play people on a similar skill level.  An Elite team can play 4 amateur teams and win the championship???

-Defensemen that actually do something when backchecking...if they are chasing a guy who is on a partial break, all they do is skate next to the guy with the puck.  Have them try to poke it, hook the guy or something!

-Custom goal horns would be nice.

-Revamp the practice mode.



I'd like the poke check and hitting back to nhl10. when it worked. I'd also like to see the figure 8's not work as much/often.

the menus suck as always.Ditch the crowd in otp/club. It's pointless...

oh last thing...


We should be able to trade players in the eashl clubs

As a player that loves to grind out in front of the net, i'd LOVE to be able to actually control deflections instead of just standing there and letting it be a matter of CPU controlled luck.

1. Identical goalies for both teams.  I am sick and tired of losing 5-2 when we out shoot our opponents 35-8.  Also, when you are a human goalie, have your skater come out when you go to the bench on a delayed penalty or for an empty net.  What good does a CPU skater do besides getting in the way?

2. An option to keep the same CPU for every game.  There are some we all find that we love, while the rest are playing blindfolded.

3. Being able to customize your home rink and goal horn/song.  Not to mention entrance song, as well.  I also like the captain/assistant captain idea.

4. Get rid of the in front of the net play or fix it.  I can't tell you how many times I have been interfered with there or held up for 10 seconds while the play is going to my defensive zone.

5. Get rid of players catching slap shots when I am clearing the zone on a penalty kill.  It bugs me how they can do that.

6. Fix the playoffs.  If a team quits, MAKE IT A WIN.  I have played 5 playoff games in a month multiple times.

7. Bring back the cross crease defense from NHL 11, where the D would stop that play 95 times out of 100.  Now it's the only way people can score in this game.

8. Have the goalies REACT on every shot.  90% of the goals they give up they are either shrugging or closing their glove without moving it.  Also, get rid of the play where the stick the puck to the corner if it drops in front of their pads.  That has cost us many games because they do it with three opponents right in front of him.

9. Have a Vote To Kick option for drop-in games.  Also, have people pick their positions BEFORE they enter a drop-in game.  I'm tired of forwards getting stuck with D and then NOT playing D.

I have a few things I wouldn't mind seeing (these are all for EASHL)

1. If someone is being a jerk and just sitting offsides, boot them.

2. If our guy gets hurt in EASHL, show us his attributes that went down and not just his overall dropping.

3. In EASHL drop in games/lobby games, show us our records against those other players and other stats against them (not saying before the game, but during the loading of the game)

4. Do away with the net coming off in EASHL games, it happens WAY too much and just ruins the flow of the game.

5. Make it so checks aren't all or nothing, I hate when I'm a defenseman and I get a one on one with him and my only option is a check that won't even make contact with him to slow him down or a poke check that won't do anything to the puck.

6. Make it so the goalie can push off someone in front of the net

7. Boot a goalie that spends a certain amount of time out of the net

This is a response to the post above:

1.) In EASHL if you have a player on your team being a jerk maybe you should kick him from the club.  If you mean OTP then okay, but they will never make it so people can boot other people in a game.  It would just be falsly used way too much.

2.) It would be nice to always see other players attributes...kind of like you do in offline modes they should make it so you highlight a player and push down on the right stick to see all his info (age, height, weight, attributes etc.)

3.) They do briefly flash one players stats, if they started showing everybody's stats and team records, there would be way too much quitting out.  Teams that are good or even decent might have a hard time finding someone who would want to play them.  It is annoying enough when the game gets paused before it starts so people can look teams up on the easports website...then back out because they are afraid to play them.

4.) I quite like that the net finally comes off.  I don't think it happens too often, the only times I do see it happen is when the net is hit hard/crashed.  The net should come off if it is hit in such a manner, it is realistic.  What shouldn't happen is...if your team is in the offensive zone, or on a fast breakout and your own net gets hit off way behind the play.  We were in over time last night and we were on a 2 on 0 and the whistle blew because our net came off.

5.) I have no issues really with the hitting or stick checking.

6.) Sure...the goalies can be ran over or hit down quite easily, so they should be able to push back or give someone a slash infont of the net.

7.) Again...they will NEVER make it so you can boot someone in any mode.  There are jerks and immature people who play on XBOX Live, that is something that you will always have to deal with.

The things I want to see are for drop in games and not club games.  There is no reason why someone who spends a certain amount of time offsides shouldn't automatically be booted from the game as it's obvious they are doing it on purpose.  I have no problem with the poke checking, I just hate how you don't have the option to slow someone down, you either have to go all the way or risk them getting behind you.  The net coming off is unrealistic because the computer knocks it off way too much, I like when you get it out of your zone but the computer is still sitting back there doing who knows what and knocks it off

there are goalie fights in NHL 12...

REALLY?@!?!?!?!? omFG i'm going on right now lets fight!!!!

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