There seems to be no NHL 10 forum anymore, but I can still ask this of the NHL 11 community.

Did every single person playing NHL 10 online switch over to NHL 11? I've only played offline modes since the summer, but with the playoffs on was wanting to get back into some OTP and cannot find more than 1-2 people online at any given time.

I realize it's an "old" version but only one off. I've only been accustomed to seeing this few people online for sports games 2, 3 or even 4 versions old. Never a year's version off. I'm one of those that refuse to pay $60/year for minor upgrades so only upgrade ever other year, but I've never seen anything like this.

Has anyone else out there that still has/plays NHL 10 noticed this, or have I just had horrible timing?


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kinda sound like bad timing... i understand your unwillingness to pay 60 bucks... but if you wanna play OTP with a lot of people on NHL 10, your best bet was to play it a couple of months within NHL 11's release. By now everyone is on 11 or another game entirely

if you payed $60 for that homefront garbage you must have an extra $60 laying around somewhere

Usually the older version of sports games online community die after christmas, as everybody who enjoyed NHL 10 enough to play it for say 1 year has  asked for and recieved NHL 11 as a gift, because the thinking is i liked NHL 10, and if they made more upgrades no matter how slight, ill enjoy NHL 11 even more.

You may still find the occasional xXx Kopitar Ovechkin 8 QC Danglezzzz xXx idiot glitching around online in NHL 09.  Give that game a try.

LOL!!!  ^