Hello that such, I leave this post to put NFS Underground 2 to download and play the game online, so competing with more people who like this game, and ensure good fun for fans of this game.

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I love NFS Underground 2. It's easily my favorite NFS title, with Most Wanted close behind. I haven't cared for any of the series since, with the majority down-right sucking.



That said, I still have my original copy of NFS: U2, so I don't really need it available for download. I wasn't connected to Live at all with the original Xbox, so I may be wrong, but I don't think that had online multi player. If it didn't, I can't see them spending any effort whatsoever to incorporate it at this point.

It did have online multi-player from what I remember. I had it for Ps2 and Original Xbox. All I did was tune and drag.

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Yes, they should have it for download for sure! Underground 2 was the best! followed by Most Wanted, and Hot Pursuit for 360 is not to shabby

Looks like the OP used google translate. As an original Xbox game, sadly, even though NFS:U2 was awesome, it'll never seen online again for Xbox, so it should definitely be put up for download.

is the xbox original compe to the 360?

sorry: is the xbox original compatible to the 360?

[quote user="ThePlake0815"]

sorry: is the xbox original compatible to the 360?

[/quote]What ever you see on this list should work on Xbox 360. (CLICK)

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thx man