NFS Hot Pursuit Online?

Hi guys. 


I am looking to re-purchase NFS: HP as i loved it when i did have it (had to sell to as i needed to at the time). I'm not the best at racing games and this was real easy to pick up and play and heaps of fun online.


My question is due to the release of shift unleashed is the online community kinda dead now on HP?, or is it still going pretty strong?


I want to pick it up again, but probably won't if the online community has died.




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I also enjoyed the online in HP but it was pretty dead last time I checked besides autolog against friends.   Which reminds me, I beat the pursuit campaign now need to beat the race campaign.  Such a great game.  Just wish it had more jumps and slow motion camera action like the original Hot Pursuit 2 on the PS2 and xbox.

Last time I played it the online was kinda dead.  A shame too because this game was really fun.

It's definately dead. I tried to play it online about a year or so ago and the lobbies were completely empty. Cool game though.

i have been playing it a lot lately and most of the times the rooms are pretty full so to me loads still play the game add me if you wanna have some fun racing

I played it a while back and the lobbies were half full never got full though.

Last time i played it was about a week ago and when i went online i couldn't find a game. However it was about 1 AM so maybe that had something to do with it.